November 14th, 2008 Time  unknown!

Welcome to my nightmare- I am now   in THE HOLE , better known as  “F-Pod – jail  for Death Row  offenders… I have been raided  and raided again . Than after the lockdown was lifted  Iwas  raided again  and they  say  the found contraband concealed  in a door..” An iron door”. So I  am now  in this hell hole  and on ” a  full  property  restriction” which i t is very illegal. I have been here since  the 12th  and as it looks , I am  in for a long stay on F-Pod- at least  four months.

But  the thing is …on level 3  such as I am-  policy says I am  allowed  all legal  work and correspondance supplies, with my  hygeine and clothing – I am not with  any of this  and by  them taking  this from me  they are  blocking me  from the Courts-access to  the attoreny  and all of my  family…This is highly illegal.

They are gassing  men  down here  as I write this -you can hear  the screams and smell the gas.  It is causing  my eyes to  water & it is hard to breath…please forgive  me, I must  do all the blogs  by hand now …not sure  when I can  mail these  out but I will keep  a record of all  the cruel things  that  are going on  behind the closed  doors of Texas  Death Row

Wish me luck

True American  till  Death!


One Response to ““DEATH BLOG””

  1. TinamarieMizzero Says:

    I can’t believe what is going on down in Texas! SOMEONE needs to step up and fight for these guys.

    Mark was DEFINITELY set up as well as Hank Skinner and the other guys..


    How do they keep them from corresponding?

    I am going to write and call EVERYONE I can think of.. Keep your head up MARK!!

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