Nov. 15th, 2008

The  nightmare continues…still on F POD “THE HOLE”. Have none of my property -legal or personal -no hygiene…doing real bad…

Then to add ot the misery – I am cold and have Nothing to cover up  with and I am not the only one.  A man downstairs  refused to cooperate  and the  Death Row warden  ordered all his property  to be taken. No mattress or anything- and it is cold in these Concrete Tombs…

Now I sit  here and  was reading the latest post  from the Web Site. I am helping add  these blogs  to  when I was “served” a Disciplinary case. Yes  they set me up . They are trying to take away  my typewriter for ever now. When I was removed  from my cell on the 12th  of November I was  typing a letter …The guards  or who ever  tossed  my cell opened up  my  new typwriter looking for  phones & othr things  that may habe been concealed .. which none has been located in this machine. But now 3 days  later I am brough  a case and it is written as this:

“Stroman did poesses Contrband, namely  a typwriter  with screws missing  and two square nuts  taped inside.”

This is the set up I spoke about. They fear the typwriter and The Blogs.  So now they will use this  case for grounds  to bar me from having  this or getting another (typwriter)…I predicted this.- and now  it’s all in black&white !

The State  it’s trying to silence me.-they took all my postage  and won’t  let me purchase  any more!

Things  are looking  bad!

True American Till Death!


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