The embargo has been listed…we are off lockdown…sweet smell of Jesus!!!

Yes indeed  it has been 29 long days…we all have been put  thru a lot of torments by the Great State of Texas! They  are doing  recs ( 1 hour out of the cell)…and the  rain and lightening  put a halt to all outside recs. wonderful !  What Texas you are you  afraid  one of us might  get lucky  and get zapped  by a blessed  bolt of lightening  and cheat yall of the satisfaction of  killing us  in the death chamber?  I wonder!

They  have  filled  up two  complete  sides of this pod  with level two offenders and filled up  F POD ( The Hole) with level  three offenders…the many  caught with  contraband or  just tired on  being treated  like dogs. The running rumors  from the guards  is that  there’s  a group  down there  being hard  heads  and gassing  and riot teams  are being used  to deal with it…se what  happens  when you poke  at someone  in a cage long enough… you can only treat   men like animals  for so long before  they act like one…

Too late for  all the “What’s  Wrong?

The last  few days of  this lockdown they had run out of bread complete  and had started  adding peanut butter ooze on hot do buns  and hard biscuits..Man  I aint’  ever been this  hungry  in my entire life!  They even fed us  a few hard potatoe… Just picture this …you  going into the kitchen  and grabbing  a Tator right  out of the bag…and eating it! Sound good  right! Weeeee!

I know there a few of  you old sour things  out there  that are saying  that we have no right to complain since we are on  death row…WELL you are wrong! I  The rest of us  were not sent here  to be punished or to be rehabilitated … we were sent here to die …that’s our punishment… so all you sour dole hate filled  folks could  just picture  one of your loved  ones in this place  and see how well you  like it…never in a million years  did I think  my life  would end  up this way and id be sitting  in this damn place! WE ARE HUMANS AND WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES!

So  I am not sure  that all my blogs are up and running  on this site, mail has been slow  but i’ll try  my best to keep  this running  as long as  I am able to!!

Should  something happen that I  have no control over  it, there might be  a lag in my entries…but so far  so good and  I’m  read for this  nightmare  of  lockdown to be  a distant  memory!!!!

Well  I’m gonna close  this out…need to try  and get few letters  out and hopefully  they will allow us to purchase  a few needed items  and stamps  so we can  do our mailing  once again!!

True American  Til DEATH!!!


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