October 28, 2008

Welcome into  my nightmare…going into 3rd week of a lockdown…it is clear  as day now  that we “Death Row” are being punished  for the few  that have been caught  with cell phones and other contraband… and that is not  right…so lets this blog begin…please excuse all my  typing errors …i’m not one to proof read my blogs…i know i should … but it is  just  the environment i am time to waste  I guess!

We  were raided  again yesterday …and I mean  hard… we had  a hundred  or more officers swarm death row and the had  the “regional directors” with them. We had  wardens and more wardens …majors, captains , and all other ranking  officials  all the way down  in on this…all other prison units . They even had dogs . not sure if  they were drug dogs or phone dogs…but they were  hear…all over too!

So we were placed  on this lockdown  “October 13th”, 2008 …the media says  we went on this around  20th….that ‘s not true at all…why does it matter?  Because we are treated like animals . We are being fed hardly anything …no type  of fluids …nothing …for  example  this morning  they fed us  wafer  thin piece  of cookie and a small box  of cereal…that’s it!. Last night I was fed a peanut butter  sandwich and two additional  pieces of bread.  And this has been going  on since the 13th of this month!

So back  to the shakedown  of yesterday…as the other blogs   i have sent  in will tell you  this whole building  that houses death row was completed  on Sunday  night… October 26th. So this  surprise  attack ( 2 days later)  was  uncalled for  and wrong. They came  in here  and threw away our cloths we bought  from the commissary. They totally destroyed thousands upon thousands of legal documents . This surely is against the law. I will never be able to get my trail transcripts back in order…and when you tell the ranking officials  who are everywhere  they do  not care…I’m surprised  this has not started  a riot in this place…it’s really out of hand!

We have been denied access to postage …we are not allowed  to buy  any  until this is over…they are blocking us  from the courts  and the mail rights  set  upon us  by Federal Law.

So once again we are with all of property  dumped  into a massive  pile  and then it is dragged  into our cells  on our sheets  that we sleep on…yes how freaking  bad is that… they refuse  to give us  any clean sheets…we have the same towel  for 12 days  and they won’t pass out toilet paper. They have took  people’s mattresses  and will not let  them have new one…we have guys  sleeping on metal bunks with  no sheet or any blanket …it is getting cold  at night…

The man down  the run  started a  massive fire on  the run with old newspapers and stuff because he has no  mattresses… it’s filled  this place  up with  smoke  and no one came. They won’t  pass soap  but  they offer you a freaking razor…why razor?  Because facial hair  is against  the rules…they want  us to follow  the rules  but the rules   that  obligate them are not being followed….so you can guess  no shaving  going on.

We have people with no toilet  paper  and now they  are using notebook paper  and tossing  it on the run  for the guards to pick up  and sweep up… how nice is that?… it is really shitty situation i tell ya.

Not  sure if my other blogs  are making  out of here … the Gestapo  is on the prowl again …so just for the record …i mailed a five pager yesterday  and i’ll add to these pages  as the day goes  by ! WISH US LUCK…


9.00am… same day…

There is a massive  fire on  the other side  on the run…protest has begun  and people are mad… no relief in sight and we  are now being told  we could be on lockdown  for many weeks… we are being punished by the wardens  here on this unit  because they are in deep trouble  themselves…They say  they will be hitting all prisons they way  they did  us yesterday  but since  the problem  originated  from ” the row”
we will be the last ones to be let up…you see it’s retaliation! Do you know  they have not showered  us since  Friday…it is now Tuesday, that’s one thing we are suppsoed to get …along  with clean  laundry…but none of this  is being done… so i’ll report  more as the day goes  buy!


3.39 pm ..October  28th, 2008… same day!

Welcome again, just got  my property  sorted out  for the third time in four days.  Yes  i was raided  one more time today,  and they completely  destroyed  all of my property again…this time  it was  “Lt.  Duff” and “Sgt.  Newberry” and two other officers.  They stripped  me out and placed me  in a shower stall..then they  hauled  out my mattress and radio and typewriter and took it  to the X RAY  machine…this time  they also opened  this typewriter up because they wanted  to see if i had  it wired or something…they left the screws  out..or  let me  say they left  them barely in their holes…they broke the bottom tabs while  trying   to open  it…so i’ll need to file a grievance on them  so  i can have a paper trail  because they  could try to say  it was done by me  and than i’d  have no proof  what so ever. They took  another man ‘s typewriter…we ll  they didn’t  but another mean old lady did..said he opened it up , so he lost  his machine…i smell a set up coming…they don’t like my blogs  i think…

So  they destroyed  my cell and mixed up  all my legal work… i might  as well toss it all out now…it’s ruined  and i believe  i must  have some legal ground  here… this is not  right… THESE OFFICERS  ARE NOT ALLOWED  TO BE ALONE  WITH OUR LEGAL WORK …LET ALONE DESTROY  IT!








  1. forward message from

    Dear Friends,

    I just called the Polunksy Unit and the lockdown is still going on. I asked for the warden, was transferred to the “duty warden’s office” and got a secretary who said the duty warden was busy. The duty officer was Major Furgeson.

    When I asked WHY the lockdown was still on since they had searched cells several times for contraband, I was told, “They are searching again.”

    I told them that this was ridiculous, that 3-5 searches had already been conducted, and if they haven’t found contraband, then either their search teams were incompetent or there just wasn’t anything to find.

    When I told the woman that this needed to end today, that it had gone on long enough, she responded, “Yes, it has and I agree with you.” But she told me that she has no idea when they will stop searching and that oders were coming from higher places. I told her the governor’s office told me that it is up to the wardens to decide when to end the lockdown and that the governor is no longer in charge.

    She insisted that “higher-ups” were causing searches to continue but wouldn sy or doesn’t know who the “higher-ups” are. I am wondering if it is Senator John Whitmire who wants this so he can continue to get political mileage from it and make himself look tough on crime.

    If anyone else wants to go testify before the Senate’s Committee on Criminal Justice on Thursday, let the Abolition Movement know asap at

    Please continue to make calls. Here’s the info originally sent out:


    Here’s our proposals. How many can YOU do?

    1. *Monday, Wednesday and Friday are “Call-in Days” until the lockdown ends. We want everyone to make 4 calls–to the Polunsky Unit warden, the Texas Board of Criminal Justice, the Ombudsman Office and Governor Rick Perry. Warden Tim Simmons: 936-967-8082. Texas Board of Criminal Justice: (512) 475-3250. Governor Rick Perry: 1-800-252-9600 (All in Texas except Austin) everyone else 512-463-2000. Ombudsman Coordinator: P.O. Box 99, Huntsville, TX 77342-0099, (936) 437-8035 and (936) 437-8067 fax, ombudsman@tdcj. state.tx. us
    The demands are to end the lockdown, end the shakedowns, restore visitation, restore commissary, restore regular showers and recreation—in other words, restore normalcy. Keep notes of who you speak with and what they tell you and them report it to us so we can keep track.

    *Attend the Senate Criminal Justice Committee hearing on Nov. 13 in Austin at the Capitol. It will be at 10 AM in Capitol Extension, Room E1.016. According to their web page they will take public testimony and one of the items on their agenda is the use of lockdown procedures. Our point should be that once cells have been searched once or even two times, then life should return to “normal.” Also, personal possessions that are permitted should not be destroyed—from typewriters, to radios, to legal papers to photos of loved ones. This is NOT contraband. Food should be enough calories that prisoners don’t lose unintended weight and are kept hungry. So far, we have three people from Houston committed to attending and speaking. Who else can join us? We will notify the media about this.
    *Schedule meetings with members of the Board of Criminal Justice. We found that two of those on the board live in Houston and we are setting up appointments with them for a delegation to meet and discuss the abuses going on. Check their web page to see if some of them live in your city. The chair of the board lives in Horseshoe Bay, which is in the Hill Country in Burnet and Llano Counties but his business is in Austin and is a corporation that helps clients implement effective labor relations strategies. Oliver J. Bell & Associates, 13449 Dulles Avenue, Austin, Texas 78729, Phone 512.249.6200, Fax 512.249.6607. The vice-chair of the board clerked for (gasp!!) Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court and Edith Jones (gag!) on the 5th Circuit. He lives in Cedar Park, which is in the Austin area. Others live in Amarillo, Highland Park (Dallas), Arlington, Lubbock, and San Antonio. Schedule these
    meetings soon and certainly before the Board meets on Dec. 2-3.
    *Attend the meeting of the Texas Board of Criminal Justice on December 3 in Austin. The meeting is at the Sheraton Austin Hotel, 701 East 11th Street, Austin, Texas 78701, Tel: (512) 478-1111, Fax: (512) 479-6458. The meeting on Dec. 3 will allow public comments only on agenda items, but surely the cell phone / security / contraband issue will be on the agenda. If it isn’t, we should sign up to speak on an agenda item and then talk about the lockdown anyway. We plan to notify the media that we will be attending and have a statement for them.
    *Contact media / reporters and ask them to investigate why cells are being shaken down four and five times and why personal property is being destroyed that is allowed and NOT contraband, i.e. legal materials, photos, radios, typewriters, hot pots.
    *Find a lawyer who will investigate and possibly file a lawsuit regarding the arbitrariness of lock down procedures and the abuses that have gone on. Yolanda Torres was one attorney who was suggested. It was also suggested we contact the NAACP in every major Texas city, MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense Fund), LULAC, ACLU and also their Prisons and Jails Accountability Project, and the Texas Civil Rights Project which has offices in San Juan, Austin and El Paso. Who can volunteer to help with this?
    *Write letters to the editors of all major Texas newspapers describing what has been going on at Polunsky and asking for an investigation. Does anyone already have a list of e-mail addresses or street addresses together for Letters to the Editor for papers in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Livingston, Lubbock, Amarillo, El Paso and whatever is the biggest paper in the Rio Grand Valley.
    *Contact Texas legislators to be part of a delegation that will make an impromptu visit to Polunsky to make an inspection and question prisoners. Sherri will contact State Rep Dora Olivo, Gloria will contact Reps Jessica Farrar and Senfronia Thompson, and we will have someone contact Reps Harold Dutton and Garnett Coleman and Senator Rodney Ellis. Other cities and other Reps or Senators? This needs to happen asap.
    *A demonstration outside of Polunsky if the lockdown does not end. The rumor is that it will last for three months. This means until AFTER the holidays and is unacceptable.
    *Write to your family or friends on death row and ask them to document what is happening. Then share that with everyone, us as well as the media where you live.

    On Thursday, when one of our members called Polunksy, she was told that the lockdown might continue for three months. Also, they said that the men were now getting hot meals. Can anyone verify this? Also, the men were being allowed to make commissary, but only for a limited amount of stamps and hygiene products, but nothing else.

    Pick a least one thing you can do. Share this with others. Please keep us informed about what YOU are doing so that your actions can be shared with others. If you have another idea, share it!

  2. Dear Mark,
    It’s me, your bestest fiend from Minnesota and hopefully again from Sweden….
    I wrote you a letter this week. Hope you will receive it soon. For now I want to say that I am back and say hi.

    Stay strong,
    Much love,

  3. TinamarieMizzero Says:


    It’s Tina. I am writing to tell you and Dani to keep your heads up… Something is fishy there, I don’t know what happened, but I know u had NO part in it….

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