Welcome to my nightmare…we are still  on  lockdown…hopefully by now  my other entries   have reached the site safely. But with all the chaos and insane activity it is hard  to tell if mail is even leaving this place…so I’ll recap  on all the latest  events and tell you of the “the most  hated man in the Texas  prison system”

We here on Death Row  have been on lockdown since October 13th.  The media claims  it has been  statewide  for a few days only …which is far  from the truth. Polunsky  Death  Row Unit  has been locked  down way longer… we have been  fed very little… just enough to keep  the body moving… Johny sack meals , which consist of  peanut butter sandwich and some other evil looking things… for example , the other  day we were brought  a “Potato” and a noodle with a mustard sandwich…that’s is! Nothing else! This is  how they feed us each meal! That’s  lockdown  status  for us here in the Polunsky  Unit. Other units vary …depending how they  run  their kitchen.

We are not allowed to go to recreation , no showers, (except) three days a week. So most of us shower by standing  over the toilet  and pour water over us…leather up and rinse Many won’t even  bother. I am one  of the ones  who is some what  addicted to being clean  so i do this daily…yes I am still a human and being clean  is one thing  i do still  enjoy.

We are on this lockdown because  some idiot  here on the row has done  one of the dumbest things  i’ve  ever seen in my life.  Some coward ass named  “Richard snitch Tabler” who is on the row  somehow ended with  cell phone  and thats rather  illegal and prohibited in the prison system state wide. So it seems this idiot  decided he  would call a lawmaker…a senator…and attempt to make a deal… he had some info on another death row  inmate and thought  he would be this super snitch  and have some  sway over  this veteran lawmaker of Texas ….well  hello…it ain’t gonna go down that way…

So  from what  i can gather from all the many different news stories “Tabler”  then starting  telling  this senator  all about everything  he thought he knew  about and  all about the corruption  and behind the scenes issues  pf prsion life. To say it a lot clearer he is a Snitch and the most hated  punk/man in Texas prison not only by other prisoners …but  the guards despise him for creating so much  heat and  disruption within the system…it’s really bad. Now  the reason is so bad …this chump made threats  to this Senator’s daughters…yes folks  he took it to a new level,  he realized  he was  not gonna  get a pro -bono attorney for his  snitch tactics  and then made a lot  of merit less threats…he is a no-body ..always  was and always will…but that’s  besides the point …you don’t  threaten anyone’s family  like  that and especially  from an illegal cell phone from your  death row cell!

So now  we have teams of raid squads  running  around this place and it ain’t nice.. they are showing up with gas masks in one hand  and ready to roll the door if you even attempt  to hesitate  and refuse to come out. They will gas you  senseless and run  you! Of course  none of this  will be caught  on tape… it always amazes  me how they  have the officer  who is in charge  of filming  all use of  force , somehow  move or is blocked  by the person standing  in front of the camera…ya know like an accident… so by the time  that the person blocking the view  snaps  he is in the way…all the dirty work  is done …Texas style.

So  as of now  they are shaking  down every  Texas prison in the system. But Death Row  is getting all the attention…even the good ole  governor  perry is on the scene  and mad  as hell…ain’t nice  at all… so  that’s why  Tadle Tale Tabler is the most  hated punk  in the Texas prison  system  by guards and prisoners!

We also  had all visits canceled  state wide…and i really feel bad h about this …because a lot of people already bought  plane tickets, booked  rooms  and rental cars  and done all the required things …and now  they are  turned  away… we also have  two executions  set for  this coming week…



One Response to “LOCKDOWN STATUS …CONTINUED! October 24th”

  1. Have you contacted ACLU about the food you are served ? Just a thought.

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