Death Blog August 23rd 2008…

Welcome back…its now 4:00am and I’m alive, insane, well…I THINK!!!!!

NOT MUCH WENT ON YESTERDAY, SAT BACK and allowed the bad news to take control over me…the denial in FEDERAL COURT…I’M NOT GONNA LET IT consumes me today…I’ll try to get outside for recreation and stay focused on my VISIT I HAVE SET for tonight…some crazy yankee from up north has flown down to see me, bless her heart…she has her share of problems, lupus, family, etc, etc…but her she is coming down to see me…thank god her husband helped pay for the tickets, lord knows those are expensive as ever…so today could be a good day…or it could turn to crap within a flash…Around this place anything possible!

The talk of the row is the latest stay of EXECUTION that jeff woods received and the freaking cell raids these Gestapo type officers are performing, yes we are being targeted and harassed because of a few stupid death row inmates that are being caught with contraband…no need to go into what it was, contraband, is contraband right? But still the way these guards are doing this is enough to make ones blood pressure rise to peak performances…hell I just got mad talking about…

We went to the prison commissary yesterday, well let me say we made out our lists the night before and they picked them up, and about mid-day they show up with huge carts of the purchased items…and then slowly one cell at a time the state staff workers along with a regular prisoner put these items into your food slot on the door…its one of the happiest days around here for most, that is if your fortunate enough to have some one care and love ya and add funds to your inmate trust fund account…for example, my neighbor, the Muslim guy, he has not made store in five weeks and I know that’s a messed up feeling, for he turns in his list each week and I know that’s a messed up feeling, for he turn in his list each week and hopes for relief of some kind…but none comes and being the ole softy I am I break weak and send him a cold drink and ice cream to ease his mind some…see we are not all animals as the MEDIA portrays us, nor do I  hate Muslims…

YES WE GET A COLD SACK…THAT’S the only time we are actually able to sit back and enjoy something like this…ice cream and two cold sodas is the limit on the cold items…hell I can eat two pints of ice cream, drink two cokes and have room for a bombstick or cookie cone…you should it…al the hardened men dancing about with their ice cream…great day to be alive.

Well this site is about to up and running…not sure to expect or if I will even get a response from it…but since I’m writing these blogs and i’m sure a few of you will be curious and have some questions, I’ll add my address so you can write if you feel the need…use a return address if you want a reply…


Polunsky, texas death row

3872 fm 350-south



Well that’s all for now…must try to get some of the daily chores done and try to get my workout done…damn this place!



4 Responses to “Death Blog August 23rd 2008…”

  1. Stay Strong, enjoy reading your blogs.

  2. Kjetil Bjoernstad Says:

    Hi Mark! I just wanted to say that you are in our thoughts and i’m writing you a new letter now. You’ll have it within the next couple of weeks.

    Best wishes,

    Kjetil Bjoernstad, your friend in Norway.

  3. Mark,
    I dont really know what to say. I write to you all the time in my mind. Cassandra is in trouble and needs you. Please write to her and tell her that you care and love her. I will write you a letter and explain, but for now please just tell her you love her.

  4. Dear Mark,
    It’s me, your bestest fiend from Minnesota and hopefully again from Sweden….
    I wrote you a letter this week. Hope you will receive it soon. For now I want to say that I am back and say hi.

    Stay strong,
    Much love,

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