**DEATH BLOG** August 22nd 2008 3:31am


Well good morning folks…another day in the belly of the beast…been kinda wild over this way for the past few days…not able to write and keep my mind focused…so I’ve been in my own little zone…just me and the voices inside my head…

**Yesterday** we had a execution set for jeff woods…sat here and watched the goon squad take him to the death van and from this cell I am able to see the visitors come and go by way of this long sidewalk…well the one I saw leave yesterday was jeff woods wife…all dressed in black…being escorted out by two of polunsky death squad…what a helluva a job they have…the wife of the man set to die is from Norway…a 6ft tall Viking chic…dressed in black, extremely upset…WHAT A CRAZY THING TO SEE.

So as this story moves right along…and my coffee kicks in, the day went along…more raids in this place…cells being searched…just the normal daily death row thing…but then the radio station “KPFT” ANNOUNCE’s that jeff woods receives a stay of Execution…so I’m not sure what it is based on but that’s two this week that escaped the executioner for a short while. I bet this has made some people happy as well as mad…but remember folks, this man is under the law of parties…did not kill anyone, just merely was there…what role did he play in this…I have no clue…but they say he killed no one…

So the next meen set to die are for the month of September…WHICH is a black month for most of the world…it still haunts me…September 11th 2001 is etched into my mind forever…MORE TO COME…JUST lost my will to write.


2:56am…same day

Well just learned that I have turned down by the FEDERAL COURTS IN DALLAS Texas…the magistrate has issued his opinion, and thinks I should be put to death…this news was not shock…knew it was coming down, but to have it in my face like this is somewhat overwhelming as hell…the smell of death is in the air…BAD LUCK FOR THIS SECTION, THREE DENIALS AND ONE DEATH DATE IN ONE WEEK…DAMN THE LUCK! What’s next?


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