August 15th 2008 4:30am


Texas death row…still alive in this hellhole

Didn’t sleep well last night…tossed and turned…the heat in this cell is a problem…texas heat lasts all thru the night…more so in this place, we are in a concrete tomb…Well the executed my little buddy and from the sound of the radio this one made a lot of news coverage due to the large turnout of police to show support in the DEATH PENALTY…not sure what to say about this so I’ll just wait until the news reports come in…I’m sure there gonna talking about this and if I’m able I’ll clip a news article to go with this blog in a few days time…so that’s four open cells on death watch…which I’m sure the state will fill up soon…within a week I bet ya!

THE DEMONS are flowing thru this place…it leaves a creepy feeling inside of you…I just thought I saw someone walk by my cell…no ones there and no one opened any doors…it makes ya wonder if you’re going crazy or if you just seen the spirit of one of the lost men who has been killed in here…yep its freaking creepy…I need a hug for sure now…hahahaha

Well I’ll keep these pages open all weekend and record my thoughts and actions of others around me…I hope its un-eventful…damn this place…




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