4:00am… August 14th 2008… Death Day of a Friend!

Welcome to my nightmare…today Texas murders a friend of mine… ”MICHAEL RODRIGUEZ”…I’ve lost track to the exact number of EXECUTIONS I’VE SEEN GO by since my arrival at POLUNSKY DEATH CAMP…way over 170…yes that many people have been MURDERED by the state of Texas…SINCE I GOT HERE THAT IS!! Total is way above 400…

The just fed us some type of gruel looking stuff…they said it was pork gravy…all I saw was some ooze with a speck of meat…or was that a roach that got to curious and fell into the batter?? IT’S defiantly possible, a bro of mine found a rat tail in his mashed tators a while back…hungry anybody??


I’M BACK…JUST 12 hours ago I was doing this blog and it was early in the morning…damn how time flies when you’re going insane!! SO WHAT DO I TALK ON NOW…SO much to say and cant get it out of my head…

 Watched the goon squad take my little fat buddy to the death van today, “MICHAEL RODRIGUEZ”…YES the friend I mentioned earlier that dropped all of his appeals…was trying to figure out what was going thru his mind when the huge crowd of spectators and riot team took him away…that final walk down the side-walk leaving the visiting room…what a creepy ass feeling this is…I can just imagine how it must feel in HUNTSVILLE…DAMN THIS DAY!!

NEXT WEEK we have two more set to die…DENARD MANNS & JEFF WOODS.

KNOW both of them…just enough time on the row…I’m not trying to make any new friends…their all being killed right before my eyes…so I’m pulling back from all the others…I’m somewhat un-sociable…in my own zone…but I like it that way…to much death row drama!!! SOME OF YOU READING THIS KNOW WHAT I MEAN…This place and the people who surround it are drama infested fools…its damn shame too…



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