Death blog August 13th 2008 12:09pm

Welcome back…just woke up from a short sleep…what a hellish sleep it was…I was dreaming of free life…and to awaken in this place and to hear all the insane screams and yelling of the ones around you is almost enough to make one want to exit this sad little existence…damn why do I even wake up?

THIS place is slowly getting on my last nerve…I don’t know how much more I can take…

3:28pm…sitting here trying to get my thoughts in order…had a rough time today…made the big mistake of pulling out all my photo’s from my past…tried cruising down memory lane…that sure was a mistake…really hit me head on…not a nice feeling…

JUST LOOKED INTO THE REC cage…child killer from Dallas is walking around like he is at a summer retreat…what the hell goes thru a mind of child killer and molester…woooo weeee…yes I’m just a mere few feet from our rec cage…so I’m cursed so to say…I’m forced to listen to all the conversations of these guys…hearing some of these fools talk lift my self esteem…I thought life dealt me a bad hand…but after seeing and listening to these guys around here I realized I have a great hand…royal flush!!

I guess we all will get to live out our destiny, even those of us who have to choose the worst one imaginable. SO why did I take this strange dark trip…Only god knows why I suppose…cause I sure don’t have a clue…



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