Dead Man Walking Death Blog…August 5th 2008 7:00am


Today is a new day, I think I’m happy…to the point I could piss smiley faces, or even say a few kind words…now aint that something, no voices today or maybe they are getting ready to attack again…the day is new and I’m alive and I’ll try not to be hard on those around me…and send out some positive mail…god knows I’ve been a jerk lately…I’m surprised I still have friends and a sweet woman who believes in me. GOD BLESS AMERICANS AND GOD BLESS YOU!

Was attacked yesterday, my cell was invaded by 8 guards…yes it was a raid that left my cell in complete mess…looked as if a tornado hit it…I was sleeping and the next thing I was being told was to get naked and submit to a snake down, the naked part would have been fun but the guards were all men…damn the luck…I damn sure aint shy…but as the story goes, I was stipped down and tosses in the shower as they tore my cell apart…god knows what they were looking for…the rank said it was random…yes so was September 11th 2001…just a random act of violence…bullshit I say…do I look that dumb…wait, don’t answer that, I just looked into the mirror…the voices are back and smiling…

We have a TEXECUTION SET FOR TODAY…”JOSE MEDELLIN”…A MEXICAN DUDE WHO HAS world wide attention on his case…the world watches to see if texas will murder again and say it was justice…wonder what he is feeling right now?????

I know this man and have been on the same section with him several times over the past few years…don’t know much about his case…but the two young girls he and his gang are accused of rape’n and killing were only 16 years old…just mere kids…not much else to say on this…so I’ll move on…killing him wont bring them poor girls back…it just creates more victims…Medellin’s family…do you see the wrongness in this…

We also have another death date for this week…another man who is not from this country…”heliberto CHI” is his name…his lawyer got him murdered, this clown has no bizness doing any legal cases…a pure clown who is only into this for the money…cares not about his client sad but true…CHI WAS NY neighbor when they took him to death watch…

Well that’s all for today…happy mark just left the building!!!!



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