August 2nd 2008 3:00am…new day, Texas Death Row…

Greetings, and welcome to my nightmare…

ITS crazy, had that dream again, most of you have no idea of the dream…it comes to me a lot now and awakens me as if I’m falling from a high cliff or ledge…its that sudden jolt that brings me from my sleep…in this dream I’m being strapped to that gurney and that one sick feeling…hell do I have room to complain?

Matter of fact, maybe that why I’m hearing the voices inside me head, after all the pain live caused and all…hell I’m not sure anymore!

 BREAKFAST WAS JUST SERVED, A SPOON FULL OF EGGS, TWO BISCUITS, JELLY AND BUTTER… CREAL, MILK AND WATERED DOWN COFFEE…and about four minutes later the trays are being collected and most of the condemned are going to sleep…not me, this is the peaceful time of day…I enjoy my mornings and will embrace each new one as if its my last…there defiantly winding down…as I mark a new day off my calendar…that brings me one step closer to death…god bless AMERICA…

Today is outside recreation day for my section…its one of the days I really look forward to, it’s a blessing to get out and to grab a few rays of sunshine…let me explain this process…we are allowed five days of recreation per section…two hours per day if you should decide to venture out from your cell…its none of the images that come to mind from old TV shows and prison movies I cn assure you…our outside recreation is a cage surrounded by four very high concrete walls with bars and screen on top…its like a cage at a zoo, all we can see is the sky…for example, it’s the size of a garage and you would be able to park two cars inside this area…

So when we are taken to this cage, its isolated, no human contact at all…there’s two cages outside…divided by bars…you’re able to see and speak to the person who is next to you…sometimes that’s great…other times it makes for a very long two hours…have ya ever been outside with a child molester or rapist? Well its hard as hell to speak to one of these clowns…if ya know what I mean…not much in common…except our death sentences…anyways…we are all handcuffed behind our backs each time we leave our cells, as if we might erupt any moment and kill dozens of people with our hands…what a great time to be alive…


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